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An Olde Time radio drama with a new twist.

In our search to find new ways to share drama and stories, Tuberville has launched Voices. In its second season, this interesting use of entertainment from the past combined with the conversational habits of the 21st century has produced the first ever (as far as we know) email play.

Styled after the old time radio dramas of the 1920’s and 30’s, each episode has elements of suspense and intrigue as different story lines unfold. The stories are a fictional account of residents that live in the village of Tuberville, Vermont.

It is a combination of radio drama, theatrical play, written word and perhaps a hint of soap opera. Each “chapter” will consist of a series of emails between the characters that are delivered to the reader’s inbox every couple weeks.

Jen Prince, the author of the project, developed the characters and their stories, chapter by chapter, a process that will take readers on a journey of mystery, romance and intrigue.

A few of the characters that take part in this email play include:

Becca Thompson: 10 year old granddaughter of Edith Thompson. Becca is living with her Mom in Tuberville and corresponding with her grandmother who is ‘away.’ Becca wins the Tuberville Tastee Princess title at the outset of our story, where she meets and befriends Cassandra James. Cali Cavanaugh: 17 year old daughter of George and Georgette Cavanaugh. Has a rescue dog named Scout who is a handful and gets into constant trouble, often with Muffin, a dog belonging to Lina Laboeuf. Best friends with Misa Sakai, and entering into a romantic relationship with Elvis McNall throughout the story. With Elvis’ encouragement, she enters a poem to the Tuberville Arts Society Blog. Afraid of leprechauns.{Considers starting a publication called ‘The Dial’ in reference to Emerson’s transcendentalist paper.}

Cassandra James: 22 year old film major at Burlington college, renting Edith Thompson’s vacated cottage. She makes payments, etc… to her neighbor Lucien Charbonneau. Cassandra wins the Tuberville Tastee Queen title during their annual Sweet Potato cook-off, only to have her title stripped. She finds a letter underneath her floorboard, and begins a mysterious correspondence with the MIA Edith Thompson, revealing the surprising history of Tuberville (some accurate, some fictional). Cassandra is also our connection to the arriving film crew later in the story.

Edith Thompson: grandmother to Becca, owner and former resident of the cottage that Cassandra James now occupies. Former president of the Tuberville Historical Society – has not been replaced since her disappearance. Direct descendant of real-life figures Rufus Thompson (Tuberville’s lone Civil War fatality) and his son Ellsworth C Thompson – signer of a cryptic letter found by Cassandra James. Seems to be the only person in our story who knows the true tale of Tuberville’s founding.

Ellswoth C Thompson: founder of Tuberville – the Utopian Agrarian Society which ends in failure/fire. Real life son of Rufus Thompson, born in 1862. Writer of the letter, addressed to the Thoreau-Alcott house in Concord, MA which is found by Cassandra James.

Elvis McNall: local 17 year old aspiring beekeeper and outdoorsman. Has a crush on Cali Cavanaugh, and takes her for a walk to the spot of a local UFO sighting on their first date. Is hoping to bottle and market ‘potato honey’ from Tuberville. Has a dog, and is a photo geek. Someday, Elvis McNall’s Potato Honey could actually be for sale on the Tuberville website. Imagine that.}

The residents of Tuberville are talking, and you might be surprised about what they have to say beyond the average tater-talk. If mystery, history, romance and UFOs get you excited, then sign up for Tuberville Voices.

To sign up for the next Voices series, please email:

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