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Become a Resident

For the full sophisticated list of options, click here. Below is the shorter version:


For Tuberville to be successful, it must remain as an organization that has diverse support. If you wish to become a “resident” of Tuberville we would ask three things of you:

  • A donation of $25 or less.

  • For you to ask two of your friends about their view point on hunger
    within their community.

  • To send us an email with an idea or two of how you think we could
    best build Tuberville, both online and off.

Using JustGive ensures transactions are safe and secure.

If you would prefer to send a donation via check the information is as follows:
P.O. Box 104
Milton, Vermont 05468

If you do not choose to become a resident, we hope you will still find the time to visit now and then.

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