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Tuberville is an experiment to encourage civic participation in the online world. To belong is to have a voice in this experiment; to help shape it. We offer nothing more than the ingredients for Stone Soup, but perhaps, as in the story of Stone Soup, you may find that something pretty special can come from nothing. For Tuberville to be successful, it must remain as an organization that has diverse support. Below are all the different ways you can participate in Tuberville. I hope you will choose to join us in becoming a resident of Tuberville, but even if you do not, you are always welcome here.

Residency (Any Donation)

Any cash donation, material donation or volunteered labor results in “residency."

Sharecropper $10–$40

Sharecropper is for the hands on noodler or the micromanager. With Sharecropper, you can underwrite a row at our new West-Milton Farm. This is our first attempt at growing using a more traditional model, so the results may be hard to predict.

  • Access to everything already listed under For Fun

  • With Sharecropper, we will ask you what variety (from our stock) of potatoes you would like planted.

  • We will give you monthly updates on how your come help harvest your row with us. You will also be able to select which organization from our you would like the potatoes to go to.

  • Sharecropper requested donations are: $40 for a 200’ row. ½ rows (100’) are available for $20 and ¼ rows are available for $10.

We currently have a maximum of 25 rows set up for Sharecropper. row is doing and you are invited, but not required to.

For Fun (Free)

It has been said that "the best things in life are free." With that in mind we offer the following:

  • You can sign up for a feed from Tommy Ballard’s blog

  • You can friend Tommy on Facebook

  • You can follow Tuberville on Twitter

  • You can get the newsletter (The Monthly Mashed)

  • You can get 3 episodes of the email play (Voices)

CSA.2 $25–$100

Like a Community Supported Agriculture Farm, shares are for sale at our professionally grown field. If you are the kind of person that just wants to get the job done, this is the right match for you. This is the highest output we expect (15,000 pounds). All decisions on growing are handled by one of the largest potato farmers in the State.

  • Access to everything already listed under For Fun

  • Unlike a CSA, at harvest time, you do not get the food. The food from your shares will be donated to one of our non-profit partners (see list) with a card indicating that the donation was made possible by you.

  • CSA.2 is based on 250 shares at $25 each or 5 shares for $100 (we are guessing a share will produce about 60 pounds of potatoes (yields vary from year to year.)

CSA Match $500–$1000

  • For larger organizations or businesses who want to challenge others, CSA Match may be the answer. CSA

  • Match is available in ¼ acre grants. For $1,000 we will assign a portion of the farm (1/4 acre) under your name as a matching donor. For all people who sign up for CSA.2 in your part of the field, we will plant an additional equal amount of potatoes. Any portion of your gift that we cannot find a donor to match will be donated to the VCF Tuberville Farm Fund or returned to you (your decision.)

  • Access to everything already listed under For Fun

  • With your permission, we would introduce you to your partners via email and keep you informed on the progress with monthly updates.

Want to get involved? Reach out and get in touch with us!

  • Use the form below to sign up for our newsletter, The Monthly Mashed or to get links to our Blogs
    or Facebook page. Just let us know what you want and we will set you up.

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