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Tuberville came about simply because a man asked his son if he could plant a couple rows of potatoes on some land the son was not using; no big commitments, no 50 page business plan, no committees, lawyers or Acts of Congress. Peter Perkins decided he wanted to grow something and give it away.

Using the same principles of grow, share and learn, this part of Tuberville is dedicated to Peter, it is a series of projects anyone can try. They range from growing a tomato plant on a window sill to getting a bunch of friends together and planting an acre garden.

Not being farmers by trade, we would suggest that in addition to reading thru our “how to grow, recipes” you may want to find a farmer, master gardener or extension service to help you with things that pop up during the season, but for the most part, what we have here is a simple “How To” that should get you from seed to food shelf in a matter of months.

As our work passes the 10 year mark and Tuberville has contributed over 100,000 pounds of produce to the charitable food system in Maine and Vermont, Peter Perkins continues to raise produce at his own home, part of an edible landscape project. Whether you participate in our projects or whether you develop your own, what is important to us is that anyone who shares Peter’s vision be able to do so, as it all begins, one potato at a time.

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