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Tuberville + Vermont Inmates in the News!


"We've got a lot of folks [in prisons], many of whom are in on non-violent offenses. These folks are drug- and alcohol-addicted,” Shumlin said, giving one example of some of the members of the overall prison population. “When they're sober, they're good skilled workers. This is an opportunity to put them to work and help folks who desperately need food and need help."

All the potatoes for this job were donated by a Vermont non-profit called Tuberville, which asks farmers to grow produce specifically for the charity food system. For this first round of inmate-processed potatoes, Tuberville contributed 30,000 pounds of potatoes, Snow said. Snow and Gov. Shumlin both said they would like to see the program grow, whether with donated produce or with surplus produce gleaned from agriculture land across the state following harvests." MORE

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